About the Gyro-Tourbillon

There is a background to the project on clocks "Mystery of time" that needs to be revealed.

Time itself is mystic and difficult to explain. Way back in time the genius Aristotle said: "If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I whish to explain it to him who asks me, I do not know."

Through Albert Einstein´s theory of relativity, it is possible to explain the concept of time.  But only through Stephen Hawkin´s book "A brief history of time" I was given a possibility to nearly understand the concept of "time". There are so many watches in different designs and complication´s that, in my opinion, in order to start such a project with watches, it should be based on a slightly different technique and a different philosophy.

This project started after my Pocket Watch Tourbillon and the model escapement, both Lantern Tourbillon Hellwig Glashütte style, had bin finalized. Back then, my son said that I should make a Triaxial Tourbillon for a change. 
I liked the thought, but I was aware that this kind of task would be very challenging.  In a light headed moment, I said... ok, we will get this project started.

The first drafts and the first determinations of measures dating back from the year 1984 built the basis for further development of our Mystery of Time...

Tilmann v.d. Knesebeck ( Developer )

The Moving Time


The Horizontal Clock with Triaxial Tourbillon was developed in 2011 and presenting highest skilfulness and sophistication in design and appearance.
Driven by two power springs connected in series, controlled via two Maltese crosses, with the power emitted only in the medium, optimal range of suspension in order to achieve the highest possible precision of movement.
The oscillation frequency of this work of art has been regulated to less than 60 hertz, imitating the resting heart rate of the human heart. This also manages to contribute to the inner equilibrium and balance of any observer.
The triaxial Chronometer-Tourbillon, however, is the one and only heart within this unique work of art!

Technical data:
TK7 Horizontal Clock with Triaxial - Chronometer - Tourbillon ( Production No.: 001 / ORIGINAL! )
- Chronometer Escapement
- Time displayed by rotating numerals ring and fixed position hands
- 1 hand minutes for time zone / 4 hands hours for time zones
- Bearings in 26 Rubies and 19 precision ball bearings
- 2 overcoils connected in series with Maltese cross drive
- Hand wound by key
- Running reserve 36h / limited by Maltese cross

The revolution times are as follows:
- Vertical axis (y) 6 minutes 40 Seconds
- Horizontal axis (x) 3 minutes 20 seconds
- Spatial axis (z) 3 minutes 20 seconds

The moving Time