The Philosophy behind the GyroTourbillon
No matter what kind of clock it is - from the sun dial, a stick in the ground indicating the time with its shadow, to the most modern and latest atomic clock and laser technique with an incredible accuracy of a deviation of 1 second in 15 billion years, the main purpose has always been to indicate time clearly, through real numbers, the 3 hands or digital displays.

Dial, hands or digital display are in the foreground of all clocks, but the technology, the precondition for an accurate indication of time, is mostly hidden in beautiful casings!  

With our project, we want to achieve something different

The important technique of the Triaxial Tourbillon is the visible heart of this clock and therefore its most eye-catching element.

The clock´s heart is the tourbillon, which was intended to be something very special - and this has been realized: the tourbillon moves over three axes and presents itself in the centre of attention... This technology seems to be alive and the sound of the chronometer escapement is like music in an silent room.

Fantastic Object Art - handmade in Germany

The Mystery of Time
The Moving Time