Julia Bugueva has been exhibiting her works since 1977.
Her major exhibitions of the past years:

2012 - Personal exhibition (project) "Meeting Dante. Unicorn's Mystery". Palace of Santa Croce, the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, Rome.
2012 - Personal exhibition Meeting Dante, Palace of Guelph Party, Florence, Italy.
2011 - Personal exhibition Silentium, Library of Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russia.
2011 - Exhibition " Winds", Galleria Rettori Tribblo, Триест.
2010 - Personal exhibition Silentium, Nigrezin Municipal Hall, Muggia, Italy.
2008 - Personal project Silentium, Pushkin House, London, United Kingdom.
2008 - Art-Salon "Junwex",S.Petersburg,RU
2006 - Exhibition Sacred Geometry - Signs Of Phoenix, State Oriental Museum, Moscow,RU
2005 - Exhibition Day Of Sun, Aidis Producers, Moscow, Russia.
2005 - International Art Simposium, Slovenia.
2004 - Personal project Sacred Geometry - Symbols Of Measure, State Oriental Museum, Moscow,RU
2004 - Exhibition Dragons Of Heaven, Dragons Of Earth, Central House of Artists, Moscow,RU
2003 - Art-Salon, Luxury Golden Club, Moscow.
1998 - Exhibition in "C&C" Gallery, MonteCarlo.
1997 - Personal exhibition in the State Oriental Museum, Moscow, Russia.
1995 - Personal exhibition in "Baumettcs" Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Julia Bugueva's works have been acquired by museums and private collectors in Russia, Germany, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, France, Slovenia. Julia Bugueva is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists; her art has been widely discussed in Russian and foreign media and TV programmes. She lives and works in Moscow

"Sometimes, a petite object can say more about the universe than a hundred of scientific and philosophical volumes" - these words by Fulcanelli, a most mysterious person of the twentieth century, and author of "Secrets of the Gothic Cathedrals" and "Philosophical Mansions," could be easily applied to the works of Julia Bugueva.Julia Bugueva is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. She was born, in 1952, in Baku-now the capital of independent Republic of Azerbaijan.

Her father, Victor Khruslov, was a well-known illustrator of Dostoevsky. Between 1970-1974, she studied at the State Art School in Baku and from 1975 up until 1980, Julia was a student at the Stieglitz Academy of Decorative Arts, in St. Petersburg graduating from it with honours.
From 1977, she started to participate in various art exhibitions. After graduating from the Stieglitz Academy, Julia taught drawing there for several years; and for almost ten years worked in the field of monumental art.

Since the early 90's, Julia Bugueva's interests moved to small sculptures; she discovered for herself a new material-bronze. In 1995, she held two personal exhibitions in Switzerland: in the Baumettes Gallery, in Lausanne and in the Art and Peace Association, in Mezieres.1997 - personal exhibition, "Full Moon," at the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow.1998 - personal exhibition in C&C Gallery, in Monte Carlo.From 1999, Julia started to pay serious attention to pencil drawing; she also began to create collections of plastic objects named "Sacred Geometry" and "Alchemical Code" and continues to work on them up to now.During 2003, the works of Julia Bugueva were prominently presented in the LUXURY Art Salon of the Golden Club, at the Baltschug Kempinski, in Moscow; her works were featured on the Salon catalogue's cover.In 2005, she participates in the International Symposium of Painting and Sculpture in Ljubljana, Slovenia.In 2004, and again in 2006, the State Museum of Oriental Art, in Moscow, held more of Julia's personal exhibitions.In 2008, Julia implemented a long-held dream: in London's 'Pushkin House' she opened her exhibition 'SILENTIUM,' dedicated to the memory of the outstanding Russian Orthodox priest and thinker, Anthony of Surozh. An excellent catalogue has been printed for the occasion. In 2010, the SILENTIUM exhibition was invited by the Department of Culture and Art of the City of Muggia, to Italy, and was displayed during the Easter season, in the city's central art gallery. Last year, in 2011, the SILENTIUM project was shown in Moscow, in the All-Russia Library of Foreign Literature.From 2009 to 2012, the artist has been passionately working on the topics associated with the works of Dante and particularly, the personality of this great Italian. During this time, she created about two hundred pencil drawings and some interesting plastic objects. Most of these works were presented in March 2012, at the personal exhibition, "Meetings with Dante," in the Palace of Guelphs, in Florence. This exhibition was organised with the support of the President of the City Council of Florence, Eugenio Gianni, (also the President of the Dante Society of Italy) and was a great success. One of Julia's works from this exhibition is now on permanent display in the Dante Museum in Florence.The exhibition "Meetings with Dante" (Mystery of Unicorn) which is represented in the halls of the Centre of Russian Science and Culture in Rome from 9 to 19 October 2012, is the continuation of the Florentine project, with addition of a number of new works created especially for Rome.

Julia Bugueva, as it is said sometimes, "is widely known in narrow circles." She does not take part in group-exhibitions and rarely appears at social events. However, she often takes part in television and radio programmes about contemporary art and culture. She also writes articles and books on art.The creative talent of Julia Bugueva is highly appreciated by many distinguished people. To mention just a few: Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, Chief Geraldmeister of the Russian Federation, Deputy Director of the Hermitage Museum, Georgy Vilinbakhov and the famous American author of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull," Richard Bach. Almost all of them are owners of her works.

About Julia

Julia Bugueva about "Dante":
It’s amazing! WHAT can I say about Dante... ??? I can only draw. Pencil and paper are everything. Dante, HIMSELF, has described HIMSELF. Through «the prism of time» he allowed me (God knows — I do not know why!) to draw his face. A lot of times.

Julia Bugueva about her Works:
A sheet of paper and a pencil are artist’s primary tools. A pencil registers the soul’s minute movements, leaves its imprint on paper; like cardiography shows «texts» of our heart, drawings can be regarded as psychogrammes, «texts» of artist’s soul.